But then one day I woke up 12 o’clock in the morning went to my computer open my statistics and saw zero I was like whoa it’s like not good let’s see what’s up started searching just for fun of it I went on Google and tried to search for my website and was like no results my heart went really low I was like oh my god what happened started searching and so forth basically my sand my site was tagged for a review somebody went reviewed and realized I was trying to beat the system and they removed me and then I realized that you know being part of the Google search is not a national right it’s a private corporation.

They can do whatever they want you know so I was like okay okay what do i do what do I do now of course I removed the text and I’m like okay okay okay okay okay okay okay I found a form I found the form and the form is just like really simple there is not really much in it just give your website URL and provide the reason why you want to be listed again and I was like oh my god okay you can have my child you know I was really naughty I didn’t know what I was doing the alcohol level in my blood was just way too much I really regretted please please Google please bring me back so you know after you submit the form they say that hey you know we’re not obligated to do anything but we’ll try and after six weeks six weeks or something I got back into the Google but it was never the same you know it never worked oh it never worked anymore so I had to close the site and move on to something else but that’s basically what is blackhat.

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