So you know if you think about it what else can you do in terms of online marketing that can give you such good returns for such a long time and I can give a and I can tell you a small secret this client even didn’t drive hard so there could be a lot of growth opportunity for this particular client okay so just like with running I can tell you straight I know very little about running as you can see I could use a little bit of running but that’s have been the next dream so to speak after everything works out in the business but just like running it’s really easy to get started just put you know shoes on when you want to start running and you just you know run anybody can do it you.

Now maybe in this weather you really need but anyway just like running anybody can start doing search engine optimization you don’t need a degree from a university you don’t need to have money you don’t need to even have experience you can get started right away today now you guys have like fancy MacBooks you don’t even need that so anyway really easy to get started but just like with running you know I couldn’t run a marathon even if I tried and just like running search engine optimization in order to be good like one of the best in the world you need to put as much effort as person who is training to be best in the world in running for example so this is part that is really awesome for me is that search engine you know spectrum is always evolving there is always something awesome and new.

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