I can tell you a story um when I was in high school wanted to earn a little bit extra cash I started a website where I sold Amazon DVDs I don’t know if you know but Amazon has an affiliate program basically you sign up they give you a special link you send people through that link to Amazon anything they buy you get 10% or whatever I don’t remember very simple I thought hey I would be stupid not to take advantage of such a great opportunity sit on my ass and do nothing and just get the monies so anyway I opened a website where I basically what I did is I linked reviews and so forth with suggestions for movies and then put links to Amazon.

I thought behave a bit cool side people can find you know movies they’re interested they can see related movies they can read reviews and stuff like this and then you can buy the movie on DVD and I get the monies improve the world you know so that worked for a little bit I got you know a few euros well dollars here and there and then at like hey this search engine optimization is really cool I could do something you know like forget the links I’m gonna do something smart I’m going to add a lot of keywords on the website and make it same color as the background so normal people will not see it but search engine will so I thought I was really clever and for a while it had a small impact small impact I got maybe a few dollars more.

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