The City of London: A Tale of a City within a City
March 19, 2019
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March 20, 2019
If you choose to visit London, then you need to set aside a few weeks, maybe months, if you are to experience it completely. With 32 separate boroughs, each with their unique character, plus the City of London, there is much too much to do in a rush.

If time is of a premium, then here are the five must-see London attractions that should not be missed.

Buckingham Palace

They're changing the guard at Buckingham Palace… and they do it every day. Buckingham Palace is everything you would imagine London to be. Until you see it, you will not appreciate the size or the majesty, and there is a strange buzz about seeing the flag flying and knowing the Queen is close by. Your friends will not acknowledge your authentic experience of London until you have a photo next to a man in a giant hairy hat.
But then there is St Pauls, and what about Hyde Park, shouldn't we mention the London Eye or the London Dungeons? There is Churchill's War Rooms, Downing Street, Oxford Street, Mayfair, and more. Along with the quirky, ironic British humour mixed with a wonderful dose of multi-culturalism.

Not scratching the surface

Big Ben and Parliament

Another iconic image, Big Ben, is the bell inside the tower that hovers over Parliament, also known as the royal Westminster Palace. This defines the English landscape across the world more than anything else. A director of a film wants a location shot of the UK, they film the Houses of Parliament and wait for a red bus to drive by. You can take a tour of the parliament buildings, or you can walk across Parliament Square, around Whitehall and many other government buildings too.

The British Museum (V & A too…)

If we were to choose one museum, then it would be The British Museum, for the atrium alone. However, there are some fantastic displays from across the globe. There are 13 million artefacts from the ancient world – including the Rosetta Stone. However, the V & A (which just happens to be close to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum) covers 13 acres and contains 5000 years of art – so we had to mention it too.

Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square

Like Times Square in New York, Piccadilly Circus is a place of sensory overload. There are screens everywhere and the buzz of full-throttle city life. This is a tourist hub – the gateway to Soho, part of the West End Theatre district – as well as close to the busy streets of Regent Street and Shaftsbury Avenue. There is also Nelson's Column and the famous lion statues – a-must-have-moment for Instagram.

Covent Garden (and other markets too)

There is the Old Spitalfields Market, there is Camden Market, Brick Lane Market and more. However, the grand dame of the markets in London is Covent Garden. If we tell you it is close to the Royal Opera House, you will know this isn't a place for buying knock-off handbags and your weekend veg. There are small artisan shops and high-end designers all crammed into a delicious space. There are street performers, a pub that sells pie, mash and peas, and the odd string quartet in the courtyard if you are lucky.

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