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Where once there was news provided by the Get West London and Croydon Advertiser websites, there is now MyLondon.
This newly merged website doesn’t fit into the traditional model of local news for local people.
This tagline gives the image of cats in trees and the latest car boot news.

It covers all the essential life, love, conflict and intrigue of the capital city, being curious in the cracks where gems may get lost.
The readership of the original sites just grew too big.
There came a point when both sites began to overlap concerns and go in similar directions.
It clearly made sense to merge the two both for the organisation and for the readers.

Get West London: the people behind the MyLondon decision

If you thought online local news is a small business, then you haven’t yet heard of Reach PLC. This is a company well named, as it reaches some 38.6 million people every month. Reach PLC owns publications that stretch across the United Kingdom, including some 150 newspaper titles, as well as 80 websites. It is a large company, listed on the London Stock Exchange as part of the FTSE SmallCap Index. However, its vision is local, as it is a company that seeks to get to the heart of the community and record the experiences of everyday people.

It is always a concern to people who owns the news. The merged title is funded through advertising, so there is no paywall to access this local news. This was the same with the GetWestLondon and CroydonAdvertiser, so as the new venture expands its view it maintains its philosophy of bringing news free at source.

Stretching of journalistic legs

Its great when your local online news knows one area well. Living in Croydon or Hammersmith or Angel is a unique experience and one that needs the understanding of reporter feet on the ground. Realistically though, people who live in London want to know about the whole city. A Croydon local may venture into The City for work and find themselves in Shoreditch for pleasure. If you live out west, you still want to hear the tales of the south of London, and maybe even the other side of the river.

The merging of the two sites, to one focused on all of London, is a recognition that London is filled with a community of Londoners. People define themselves by the city and not by the borough in which they live. The home they look too is much more diverse. London is a global city, and this is now represented in this new combined site.

Local voices that can be trusted

The challenge for news websites is to be trusted. In an age of fake news and fake facts seeking out an authentic view is evermore important. The journalists from MyLondon live in the area they report on. They are Londoners too and want to spread the word about the life of this great city.
As a partner of The Trust Project, the aim of the site is to make news accessible to all levels of reader from around the world. It makes it easy for people to find out more about the organisations providing the news, supporting quality journalism.

This is a website that offers balance. We love London and we believe it is the best city in the world. We want others to love London too. Therefore, although we admire MyLondon’s lack of fear when taking on challenging news stories, we like that it is unashamed to promote the positive vibes of this city of ours. Editor, Andy Worden, is the lead of the breaking news team. He was the former editor of the two separate sites GetWestLondon and CroydonAdvertiser. He has national credentials as a journalist, having written for the Daily Mirror. However, his feet are firmly fixed in local news having travelled much of the country from Nottingham and Leicester to Kent and Essex.
An opportunity for London entertainment delights.

It is essential for businesses across London to recognise the positive voice the local newspaper offers readers. It aims to promote the best places to eat, party and dance. Invite in the writers and show them what you are about. This site is an opportunity to be part of the positive community in London.

One of our favourite articles is a round-up of the best pubs and clubs to visit on a crawl around London. The pub crawls take you into different districts and help the reader find their way to a good time. With the humorous tone, you know you are amongst people who like to have a great time too. Our favourite suggestion was the Monopoly Pub Crawl. However, we would obviously advise soft drinks every so often!

There expert reviews of intimate gigs and stadium performances. Although Olympia, The O2 and Wembley get some column inches with upcoming performances, there are also some surprising upcoming performances too. People of a certain age will love to know that Gabrielle and Lighthouse Family are to play BBC’s Proms in the Park. The article contains links to buying tickets, making these events accessible to readers from the website. Part of an affiliate program or not, this quality content helps Londoners find their way to the best experiences in the city.

Looking at the grit and the grime

The Londoner doesn’t want to be patronised and would be offended if the site does nothing more than market the wonders of the city. Residents need somewhere they can go to find the latest news on issues and conflicts that will impact on every day life and decisions at the polling station.

The article on the TfL decision to encourage commuters to give up a seat for someone in need hit on an issue that hurts the elderly, the pregnant and the disabled each day. The underground can be an intimidating place for those who are less mobile. The article focuses on a positive initiative by TfL, changing a seat cover near the door. A message is written in bold letter: Please offer this seat.

This might seem like an inconsequential issue and one that would be unlikely to make The Metro. However, for the local commuter on the Jubilee Line may now feel a degree more confidence when travelling on the tube.

Grittier still is an account of the 49 East London criminals who have been locked up by the courts this year. It is understanding safety on the streets and the steps taken by the police and the courts that will help keep Londoners informed. Along with the favourite nights out, you get a feel for life on the streets of the capital too.

Old favourites in a new venture

The Local News outgrew the small area of London on which they focused.
A loyal readership has grown and there are increasing demands to stretch out across the city. There is a lot to say about London and the issues on its streets impact the whole country.
This should be the go to site for anyone wanting to feel in touch with London.

Discover more about the london boroughs.

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