Search Engine Optimization


When your client wants to know an answer, they ask Google.
You want Google to offer your company or organisation as the solution.

If you rank within the first three listings, then your customer will click.

If you drop to the next page, you might as well be invisible.

Our SEO services ensure you rank high on search listings, promoting essential footfall to your website.

We understand the search engine algorithm, using front and back end SEO to increase your visibility.


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The Foundations of your Success

Your website needs to pass the quality test of search engines. You need a website that is:

1. clearly indexed

2. barrier free

3. offers value

Sound SEO supports not only reliable performance on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) but also prevents possible penalties and devaluations.

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The Audit

We can audit your website to evaluate its performance.

The search engine needs to crawl your site effectively.

To crawl effectively, there should be an easy to understand index of pages, as well as a clear indication of content through keywords and relevant, unduplicated content.

All this is the recommended good practice, as published by Google.

As a result of our analysis, we will offer actionable recommendations. Crawl data will support all our recommendations.

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Our On-Page SEO Services

Keywords: We provide a list of search terms that reflect your product or service. The keywords are the phrases that your customers type into the search engine to find you. With in-depth research, we provide words that offer you the best chance of getting ranked.

Meta-descriptions and Titles: the backend of a website – or behind the scenes – is as important as the page. A meta-description, written within a set amount of characters and including keywords, is a powerful tool. A meta-title that consists of the highest ranked keyword is also essential.

Alt Text for images: Image searches are another way your website can be found. Providing alt text for your image encourages more clicks.

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Our Off-Page SEO Services

Link-building: Links act as referrals or testimonials for the credibility of your site. The higher the authority of the site that links to yours, the more credible you seem. A link building service is only as good as the analytics, which should report performance data and indicate improvements.

Proprietary tools: we collected data in the past years and our sophisticated tools allow us to detect what Google spiders require in order to provide a better ranking for your website.

Manual process: our SEO Staff execute each strategy respecting the Google Guidelines and without using any software for the creation of references.

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Our Technical SEO Services

Structure: Adding structured data mark-up to the code of your webpage can increase your visibility to search engine crawlers. It helps the algorithm to understand the context of your content. In short, it is the language the search engine understands.

Speed: a customer will wait less than three seconds for your page to load before clicking away. The algorithm knows this. To ensure you are not penalised you need to make sure your site can be crawled quickly and so prove to the algorithm that your website will load efficiently. We can eliminate unnecessary plugins and reduce the size of images and animations. URLs: your URL is vital in helping the search engine find your page. Designing friendly URLs that are easily recognised for relevance is essential.

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Quality SEO guaranteed

Several times a year the algorithms that dictate rankings change. We continually review published guidelines from Google and Bing. With each update to algorithms, we seek to learn how this can be used to optimise your SERPs ranking.

We employ the best analytics. We exploit the power of social media and testimonials. We craft content that is relevant and original, with the appropriate density of keywords. We control all technical details of your website to persuade the algorithm of the value of your organisation to the searcher.

Offering Value:

The latest algorithms have been designed to encourage quality content from websites.

Where before it was enough to have a high density of keywords, now a website must provide relevant and unduplicated copy. The higher the perceived quality of content, the better your chances of being found by the search engine.

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Trust us to know the Google algorithms.

The Hummingbird algorithm

aims to return better results. It takes over 200 ingredients of a web page and decides if it is relevant and quality assured. It is called Hummingbird because it aims to be precise and fast – meaning your SEO expert should be as nimble.
makes the shape and style of your website vital if you are going to return high in search engine listings. We understand how to make your site efficient no matter the technology used.

The Panda algorithm


The Penguin algorithm

that seeks to quality assure websites based on comments and mentions around the web. We can work for you to make sure your online testimonials work to your advantage.
We will work to analyse your website code to make sure everything promotes your website ranking. We continually revise our understanding of the algorithm so we can keep your site SEO friendly, removing elements that are harmful to the SEO process.
Our Step by Step system works to build a Relationship with you, our Client.

How we approach your business

we identify the nature of your business, whether it is local, national or international.


we check out your Competitors


we work with you to set a budget, a timeline, and most importantly, your goals


we offer possible solutions and a fixed quotation for these solutions


we begin to work for the good of your website