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October 29, 2019
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November 16, 2019

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Real estate, especially residential real estate, is the business of trust. When you are buying or selling a home, you want someone trustworthy on your side. This is one of the reasons why good realtors are so integrated into their communities. In the real estate business, personally knowing your potential clients usually pays off well. Fresh Real Estate SEO rocks!

So if real estate is such an interactive business, you might think that SEO cannot really contribute to it. You’d be wrong. The sad but true fact is that people trust the internet more than they trust other people. Prospective home buyers and sellers do their own research when they are looking for a good real estate agent to help them. Likewise, businesses do their own online investigation before hiring the right real estate agency.

Here are a few ways how SEO can give a boost to your website ranking as well as convert browsers to customers.


Offline SEO

Due to the nature of the real estate business, a solid presence outside your website is also necessary. Maintain an active online presence on social networking websites, and keep in touch with communities you operate in via groups and write helpful blogs on Linkedin. These are some of the ways to drive organic traffic to your website, as well as finding new potential clients.

Location-Oriented Keywords

Location is key in Real Estate. Make sure your website’s content, even when it isn’t an exclusive posting about a potential sale or listing, contains localized keywords. These keywords will help direct potential clients to your website when they search online for properties in your area. Even a blog about your local news with the right keywords can get you a lot of organic traffic.

Use Photos and Videos

Make sure your website is not too wordy. A lot of people prefer to go through a lot of properties and realtors online before shortlisting a few. So if your website has photos that will give potential buyers an actual idea of the properties they are looking for, they are more likely to come to you. Videos, virtual tours, and aerial photos are also being employed in real estate websites to make them more attractive for clients.

Google Business and Listing Websites

As a business, it is always beneficial to register with Google Business. It lets people find you more easily. Also, try to connect to as many listing websites as you possibly can. Some websites that encourage people to sell their properties themselves allow realtors as well. You can truly enhance your online presence by connecting to such websites.

Mobile-Friendly and Comprehensive Website

It pays to get your website made or optimized for mobile devices, as most online traffic is now converging to them. As a real estate business, it is also important that the posts and listings on your websites have all the features of the property that people look for. Don’t overdo the details, but nor should you miss a feature people look for.

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As a real estate business website is laden with data and media. So it is important that the website is light and fast, as it is one of the core requirements of ranking high. Also, building a truthful and helpful real estate website can help you with SEO as well as credibility.

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