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Westminster is the Instagram capital of the capital city.

Everywhere you look you will see iconic landmarks. Parliament, London Eye, Big Ben and more.

This is also the political centre of London and is insanely crowded.
Londoners are not keen on this place – as it is chaotic and full of outsiders who don’t know how the city works (which you and I would call tourists). This is a place with high house prices and a high crime rate – and just a lot of everything really.

If you want to see the London that appears in the films, then you must at least pass through Westminster.

You might just not choose to live here.

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Westminster is the political centre of the UK.

This means you will see the House of Parliament and there are many, many government buildings crammed in one area.

This also means that there are a lot of protesters and often a lot of delays.
If the protestors or the politicians don't create a flurry of activity, then the millions upon millions of tourists passing through each year certainly do.

This is a busy place, as you would expect when there is Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Embankment and more in such a confined space.

Londoners are not fond of this area, but the rest of the UK loves to pay the borough a visit.

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The City of Westminster is no more a city than the City of London.

They are both boroughs or districts of London – the actual city. The City of Westminster does have a famous abbey – and the Houses of Parliament, with the bell, Big Ben.

Then, you will recognise Westminster Bridge and the London Eye – you will get to look down the river on the embankment and catch a glance of Tower Bridge.

If we were to offer a much more concise summary of Westminster, we would just say postcard! There is everything about London you would recognise about London in a short space.

Unfortunately, this is also where every single tourist congregates making it insanely crowded.

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In the heart of London, right on the River Thames, is the iconic borough of Westminster.

As with the City of London, Westminster is a city within a city. It contains all the major government offices for the UK, including the House of Parliament.

There is the tower that holds the bell, Big Ben – there is Westminster Bridge and Westminster Abbey. Every turn brings a new Instagram moment.

However, there are always tourists who make it insanely crowded.

There also tend to be a lot of protests, which can be entertaining to watch, but frustrating for residents who are trying to get around. Both house prices and crime rates are high in this busy area.

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