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Wandsworth may share its name with a famous UK prison that inhabits the borough, but it's a place of high employment and decent wages.

There are not the lavish green spaces of other boroughs in the city, and despite low council tax charges a large number of people choose to leave the district.

In an effort to attract new residents, there is a considerable effort to add to the housing stock – making this one of the best places to go house hunting in the city.

However, as it is in the south-west of London, close to some of the nicest places to live in London: with Richmond and Kingston in close proximity – its grey, drab demeanour may not be that appealing.

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Wandsworth has the lowest rate of unemployment in London, and most are perceived as well paid.

The council tax is also the lowest in the city.
There is substantial home building in the area, making house prices reasonable.

All this seems to be doing nothing to inspire people to stay.
This is also the borough where most people choose to leave.

This might be to do with the laddish behaviour that is said to characterise the culture of the young male population.

In comparison to some of its leafy neighbours, Wandsworth is a little grey.
This is not helped by the presence of the high security prison.

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Wandsworth should be on the up.
In the south-west of London, it is close to the centre and close to some of the lovelier, greener boroughs of Kingston and Richmond.

It may be that there are better places to live for families that are relatively close to this area that means more people leave than stay in Wandsworth.

The greyness of the prison is matched a little by the overly urban streets and few green spaces.

Despite the new housing stock attempt to attract home buyers and the lowest council tax in the city, little seems to work to attract people to the area.

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If you live in Wandsworth, you have a decent chance of having a well-paid job in a reasonably priced house, for London, and with low council tax.

There is an effort to make Wandsworth more appealing by building new housing stock to attract home buyers.

However, more people leave Wandsworth than any other borough in London.

This might be to do with the laddish behaviour of some residents, as reported in The Metro, or it might be the close proximity of some boroughs with many more green spaces that are more family friendly.

There are only the occasional parks in Wandsworth, and there is the general impression of greyness.
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