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Tower Hamlets is one of those places that is tough to define.

In the past few years, there has been a push to gentrify this area, making it on the surface a popular place for the hipster to live.

This means you find a lot of coffee shops and some grungy bars, with a lot of second-hand up-cycling shops.

However, underneath this surface improvement, there is still a large population of underpaid immigrants.

The population rose by 50 thousand in five years between 2011 and 2016.
This has attracted large manufacturing companies, for the cheap labour.
However, there is hope for more development in the future with the most significant number of tall buildings planned than anywhere else in the city.

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This is a confusing place. In one way it can be defined by its large immigrant population.

This low-paid, overcrowded population is perfect for the local manufacturing companies – who moved into the area for access to a willing workforce.

However, others would say that Tower Hamlets is now defined by the gentrification that has swamped through the area.

So, despite a rapid population rise between 2011 and 2016 of 50000 people, there is also an increase in high-end bars and trendy second-hand outlets for the boho community.

Another factor for the future is the plans for development in the area.
There are more tall buildings planned in Tower Hamlets than anywhere else.

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Tower Hamlets is defined by a large Bangladeshi community that makes education and equality in the area a challenge - as different cultural norms are in place.

Housing is reported to be crowded, and most jobs are low-paid.
The high proportion of people willing to accept low pay makes this a desirable location for large manufacturing companies.

However, this is a changing community and one well-liked by the people of London.

There has been significant gentrification, which means there are a lot of trendy bars and up-cycling outlets – which are a required taste but a sign that the young and wealthy are moving in.

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Gentrified to an inch of its life, or an area so beset by migration that housing is overcrowding.
As with much of London, Tower Hamlets is a difficult area to label.

There are areas that are full of youth living the latest trends.
You will see a lot of trendy bars and up-cycling shops along the highstreets.

Then there are places where the population has risen by 50000 in within five years.

Local manufacturing companies have seen the advantages of a large population who will accept low pay and have moved into the area.

There are also the most plans under consideration for the building of high-rise properties.

This shows that the borough is on the up.
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