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Sutton is a beautiful suburban borough of London, on its most southern border.

It is a good 11 miles from the centre of London; therefore, it is a stretch to say you are living in the capital.

However, there are benefits to being out of the bustle.
The crime rate is low, and carbon emissions are some of the lowest in the city.

There are some of the best schools in the country within the boundaries of this borough.

Add to this the beautiful scenery of the North Downs, and you can see why this is considered the best place for a family to live.

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Sutton is to the south west of London, situated 10.7 miles from Charing Cross Station.

It is a leafy suburban borough, with the feel of a small village rather than a bustling metropolis.
The Family Hotspots Report named this as one of the best places for a family to live in London.

This is likely due to some of the best schools in the country being situation in Sutton.

Also, the crime rate is low, as are the carbon emissions.

The close proximity of the North Downs also makes this a great place to walk the family dog.

You will have no problem selling your house in Sutton, but you might need to pay a fair whack to purchase your family home too.

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Being a good 11 miles from Charing Cross Station in the centre of London, this southern district of the city is more a sleepy town than a bustling metropolis.

Lying close to the North Downs, it is a beautiful place to take your family dog for a long ramble.
Indeed, Sutton is named in the Family Hotspot Report as one of the most desirable places to live.

This makes it the easiest place to sell your house, but also an expensive place to buy.

It has one of the lowest carbon emissions in the city and the lowest crime rates.

This is a highly desirable place to live, but you will struggle to accept that you are living in London.

So, if you want proper city-living, then you shouldn't choose Sutton.

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Sutton is one of the easiest places in the capital to sell your house, but potentially one of the more expensive to make the purchase in the first place.

For some, Sutton is lovely but a long way from the life of London you would expect.

It is on its furthest reaches and is more rural village than part of a city.

However, this means you will experience low crime rates and good air quality.

There is the North Downs on your door step, for beautiful walks and amazing views.

Named as the most desirable place to live in the Family Hotspot Report, it is not surprising there is a vibrant housing market.

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