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The South Bank is the single most exciting area of London.
You can experience the most culture and art than anywhere else in the city.

There are the strange installations of Tate Modern that will leave you flummoxed.

Then, there are the astounding masterpieces written by Shakespeare that are likely to discombobulate you even more.

You may need to rehearse the calm and knowing facial expression made famous during the age of the emperor's new clothes.

There are also some excellent restaurants and bars for chill out time between attractions.

The roads are great, the pathways are crowded, and the electricity is the most temperamental in the city.

You will also get to check out The Shard and visit the restaurant at the top for a unique view.

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The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and Tate ModernSouthwark is the home of the South Bank.

You can also view the front door of Bridget Jones’ flat – if you are a super-fan.
With all this prime real estate, it is no wonder that this is the borough with the best roads.

However, weirdly, this is also the place where you are likely to experience the most power cuts.

If you like crowded, then Southwark is your borough.

The streets are filled with tourists, which bring with them the huge variety of pubs, bars and restaurants.

However, they also bring the crowds and the noise.
If you want somewhere to live a peaceful life – then try somewhere closer to the suburbs.

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Southwark is marked by the number of bridges that all seem to point in this direction.

This is because this is the South Bank and with that comes some of the richest entertainment experiences in the city.

You have the chance for art at the Tate Modern, some theatre at Shakespeare's Globe and some of the best restaurants and pubs in London.

If you want, you can even eat at the top of The Shard.
The benefit of this eating stop-off is the view across the city, spectacular, especially on a bright and sunny day.

The roads are great, the electricity the most temperamental, and it is a little bit crowded with sight-seers.

Still, this is one of the most exciting boroughs in the capital.

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Southwark is an exciting place for a tourist but maybe a little less desirable as a place where you would want to live – it is likely too expensive for most standard residents anyway.

Crowded with tourists, you are unlikely to get much peace.
However, as payback, you get to visit everything the South Bank has to offer.
There are the Tate Modern installations and the Globe Theatre showing Shakespeare plays.

You can also visit The Shard and maybe travel up to the restaurant for some astonishing views.

It is a vibrant and exciting borough that is full of restaurants and bars that make it fun each and every time.

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