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This is a rural retreat within the city.
There are a series of loosely termed villages linked together to make the leafy Richmond on Thames.

It is also the most prosperous borough in the city.
With the rural life and the comfortable living, life expectancy is the longest in this area.

If you are a tourist visiting the area, you must start by going to Richmond Park to say hello to the deer that roam free.

Then, you will likely want to take in Hampton Court Park and Kew Garden, where you will understand what beauty means.

This is a borough with quite a few famous names, but also a large cohort of homeless people.

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If we tell you that this is home to Hampton Court Park and Kew Gardens, you will realise that nature is essential here – especially with the London Wetlands Centre as a draw.

However, if you visit Richmond Park, you will be able to see the deer that are free to run wherever they wish.

It is a beautiful leafy suburb. As with most of London, this is a series of smaller conurbations that have merged together.

Despite the sprawling residential areas, Richmond residents are likely to say they live in villages.

This is representative of the rural life that Richmond residents enjoy – living a long life.

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Richmond is to the south of London and far enough from the centre to be a pleasant residential zone.

Yet, as the population is particularly affluent, you will find a lot of top-class restaurants, pubs and bars that make for a vibrant city atmosphere.

There is a lot of inequality in the area, and there is a large proportion of people considered homeless in the area too.

However, the quality of life in the district is represented by a population who experience the most prolonged life experiences.

This may be because of the rural way of life that bind the loosely termed "villages" together in this community.

When you visit, you will likely take in Hampton Court Park and Kew Gardens.
Also, if you visit Richmond Park, you will get to see the deer that roam free.

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Richmond is to the south of London and sits on the River Thames.
It is a leafy suburb with some beautiful open spaces, including Richmond Park, Hampton Court Park and Kew Garden.
You can even get up close to the deer that roam free.

This comfortable, rural living means that the population are said to live the longest in the capital.

People who live here call the areas "villages", but realistically this is sprawling residential zones as the different regions have merged into each other.

Whatever you call this place, it is the most affluent borough in the whole of London, with some fabulous properties.

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