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Newham is the home to the Olympic Stadium.
Beyond this, and some quality shopping experiences, there is little reason why tourists would choose to visit this borough.

This might go some way to explain the level of poverty in the area.

There is also the high fertility rate, which makes the buggies a definite hazard on a Saturday afternoon.

Coming hand in hand with the highest fertility rates is the most over-crowding in housing in the capital.

There may be a young and multi-cultural population, but they are generally struggling to get by.

Despite this, the unemployment rate is particularly low, it is just that the number of low paid workers is significant.

If you want to visit a part of London that is considered the most diverse, then Newham should be your destination.

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There is a lot of work going on in the Newham area to improve green spaces.
You will also get to visit the Olympic Stadium, which stands out as one of the only tourist attractions in the borough.

However, in reality, there is little to do here but have a good old shop, while dodging the buggies.
There is a substantial retail area that attracts some footfall. However, this is a place of overcrowding and low pay.

The youthful makeup of the community might explain the income levels.
However, there is the highest fertility too, making life hard for most.

However, if you want to see cultural diversity in action, Newham is a great place to visit.

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If you are a people watcher, then Newham is a great place to sit and drink a cup of coffee.

There is the most cultural diversity, and there is the youngest population. Interestingly, there is also the lowest unemployment rate and highest fertility rates. This makes it seem like a vibrant place to live.

However, there is a lot of overcrowding in housing, and the pay for work is some of the lowest in the city too.

Therefore, there is a high level of poverty in the borough. It is likely that the Olympic Committee chose Newham to place the Olympic Stadium.

This gives tourists a reason to bring their money into this area.
However, other than a few shops, there is little reason to stick around.

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Newham is the most culturally diverse borough in London.
It is also the home of the youngest population.

This might explain why the rates of pay are so low in the area, as employment rates may be high but income levels force many to live in poverty.

Newham has a significant level of overcrowding too.
However, this might be a result of the highest fertility levels.

Despite these indicators of poverty, Newham was the choice of the committee when finding somewhere to site the Olympic Stadium.

This gives the area its one and only tourist attraction.
Therefore, the only other reason for outside money to come into the area is the substantial retail area.

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