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If we said Wimbledon, would you believe us that Merton is in London now?
It is not the most recognisable place name in the capital, but you will recognise its tennis courts.

Once a year the place is inundated with the great and the good.
This could give the impression that Merton is a leafy suburb that enjoys much affluence.

Indeed, it is one of the greenest areas in the city, and there are many pleasant parks. However, it is a place of marked inequalities.

Beyond the polished streets of Wimbledon is some of the most significant deprivation.

It is known to have the highest level of litter and has a poverty rate of 20%.

Education is moved improved for the city in Merton, so you will see that strides are being made to address the apparent inequality.

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Tennis, strawberries and cream, champagne and Cliff Richard.
This is Merton, right? Not quite. This is Wimbledon for two-weeks each year when the place is polished up and put on a show for the world.

For the rest of the year, Merton is also Mitcham and Morden, as well as the affluent neighbour of Wimbledon.

This is a borough with a 20% poverty rate and the ignominious title of the place with the worst litter problem.
Therefore, although the area is as leafy green as it appears on the TV, underneath there is a grim existence where people are working hard to do the best they can.

Fortunately, Merton also enjoys the most improved GCSE results, so education offers hope that inequalities will be balanced out some soon.

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It is highly likely that you will think the borough is called Wimbledon.

No-one has heard of Merton, but everyone has knowledge of the district that is dominated every year by a two-week tennis tournament.

There used to be a pretty good football team in this part of London too.
This might give you the impression that Merton is all champagne and strawberries.

However, this borough is better characterised by considerable inequalities in opportunity and wealth. Some areas really struggle, such as Morden.

However, education in the area is on the up, with the most significant increase in GCSE results.

Therefore, there is a chance for the disparities to be addressed with this increased opportunity through learning.

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With a poverty rate of 20%, there is inequality across the borough.
Wimbledon may be affluent, known for its famous tennis tournament and gathering of the rich and famous.

However, Mitcham and Morden suffer high levels of deprivation and live in the shadow of the rich neighbour.

Therefore, there are problems such as unemployment and the worst litter problem in the capital.

Despite the apparent problems with deprivation living side by side affluence, this is one of the greenest places to live in the capital.

It is also a place where there have been the most improved GCSE results in the city, which means something is being to address differences in life chances.

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