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March 21, 2019
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Lewisham is a tale of two cities within one borough.
There is the Lewisham of the small business, thriving and dominating the stats for small business across the whole of London.

Then, there is the Lewisham named as the worst place to live in the capital by the readers of The Metro.

There is a lot of crime in the area, making it the least peaceful place to live.
The obesity rates are also the highest in the city.

These indicators suggest a lack of aspiration, which is matched by the few young people choosing to go on to study Level 3 qualifications or continuing education after schooling.

This may be the place that Jimi Hendrix chose as a home for a while, but it is not singing a sweet tune for some.

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The readers of The Metro have done Lewisham no favours.
They have voted Lewisham as the worst place to live in London.

To blame? There is a distinct lack of peace and quiet, and there is the highest level of obesity in the capital.

There may also be a lack of hope in the young, with the fewest number of 16-year olds choosing to carry on in education and potentially better themselves.

However, this is an enterprising borough.
There is the most significant proportion of small businesses than anywhere else in the capital city, which could suggest there is some room for outside investment making Lewisham great again.

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Lewisham might not have the best reputation.
There may be a problem with crime, as it is named as the least peaceful place to live, and there may be the highest obesity rates.

The number of young people believing they can do better might also be low, with the fewest number of students carry on in education after school.

This all could explain why The Metro named this the worst borough in London.
However, there are some significant up points, which should inspire investment and confidence.

There is a significant increase in the number of small enterprises.
There is also one of the best over ground transport networks, with excellent bus services.

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The Metro newspaper listed Lewisham as the worst place to live in London, despite being the place that inspired some of Jimi Hendrix’s brilliance.

In truth, Lewisham has a bad reputation for low aspiration, high obesity, and a lot of disruption on the streets from crime and traffic.

Most worrying for the future is the low number of young people choosing to study after leaving school.
However, in contrast, this is an area that has a thriving economy thanks to the number of small enterprises.

Therefore, it could be that Lewisham is a potential for investment for someone with enough vision and confidence.

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