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You will have heard of Lambeth because they have a walk they like to do.
The Lambeth Walk seems like a very British version of a Caribbean Conga – all arms swinging and funny walks without loosening the body in any way.

Lambeth is obviously more than a walk – it is the home of some highly desirable living spaces, including Streatham and West Dulwich.

However, this is a borough of contrast.
It is also a borough where you will find Brixton, which is densely populated with a high level of ethnic diversity.

It is also a place where there have been some significant riots, and the area has the highest murder rate in the city.

Although this makes Lambeth seem like a place to avoid, it is seen as a potential for redevelopment with the most new build homes in the capital.

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“and we’re doing the Lambeth walk…” is probably all you know about this borough. It is the area of funny walks – though not the one made famous by Monty Python.

This walk is more a jolly British conga, without that essential loosening of the body that the rest of the world would embrace.

There are some desirable parts of Lambeth and some parts that are struck by deprivation. Gipsy Hill, Streatham and West Dulwich have their fair share of affluent people.

However, Brixton is crowded and ethnically diverse.
It has a past that is marred by riots and is likely the reason Lambeth has the highest proportion of murders in the capital.

The good news, this is an area with the most buses too – so you will find it easy to get around.

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Lambeth is the sort of London you would see in films which are parodying earthy Londoners.

It is the area of the jolly working-class Londoner, liable to break out into a quirky walk at any minute.

The truth is a little different.
Brixton is the notable area in the borough, which is a densely populated area with high ethnic diversity.

It is an area made infamous by its riots.
There is also the highest murder rate in the capital in this borough.
However, it is not all poverty and discontent.

It is considered one of the most up-and-coming areas, with the most new builds developed in recent years.

There are also some gentrified areas, such as Gipsy Hill and West Dulwich, which are highly desirable districts.

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Parts of Lambeth, such as Brixton, are advertised as an up-and-coming borough, which could be code for “it couldn’t be worse”.

However, there are the most new builds in the capital, so they are anticipating this place being somewhere that people want to live in the future.
Therefore, despite the riots of the past and the current over-crowding, there is some obvious gentrification.

Streatham, West Dulwich and Gipsy Hill are all desirable places to live in the capital.
Despite improvements in most areas, this borough still has the highest murder rate of anywhere in London.

This may be a result of it being a place where you can view huge disparities in wealth in a short distance.

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