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This is one of those river-side places, where the council want you to know that you get a view.

Therefore, it is better known as Kingston-upon-Thames, rather than just Kingston.

To be fair, it couldn't be further from its Jamaican namesake.
There is a bustling life here, with an emphasis on retail to rival most of London.

There is also a lively nightlife along the river.
This is one of the safest and happiest places to live in London; however, you will pay the highest council tax rates in the capital for the pleasure.

This is a pleasant, leafy area with a family feel.

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If you spend a lot of time in Kingston-upon-Thames, it could be easy to forget you are in a major capital city.

There is a small-town feel to this leafy suburban area – with a strong connection to the river that gives it the name.

However, with little effort, you get the benefits of being in London, with some of the best shopping in the city and a thriving lifestyle along the river.

This is an expensive place to live and play, with the council tax the highest in London.
However, you are rewarded with a beautiful and safe environment, perfect for your family.

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In the south-west of the capital, Kingston is dominated by the River Thames.

It is better known as Kingston-upon-Thames by those outside the capital.

This does serve to separate the area from the capital of Jamaica, though you are hardly likely to mistake them.

This is a leafy suburban riverside retreat. There is a thriving retail sector in the area, and the night-life on the riverside comes highly recommended.

It is the safest place in London, but you pay for this with the highest council tax in the city.

If you are looking for a thriving, bustling, but friendly small-town place to live – Kingston is for you.

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A beautiful area, with open spaces and river-side views, Kingston is one of the happiest places to live in the capital city.

The residential spaces are brought alive by a thriving night-life, which helps you remember you are in the capital city of England.
However, it also has the highest council tax rates in the capital too.

Could this be a matter of paying for what you get?
Despite the high taxation, the people in Kingston are considered to be some of the happiest in the capital city.

This might be because it is such a safe place to live, or because there are so many places for walking.

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