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Despite all the affluence and luxury of Kensington and Chelsea, the preference for large cars means the air has the worst air quality in the city.

You seemingly can't buy clean air.
You can though, this borough suggests, buy happiness – as the people in this area are ranked the happiest, as well as the richest, in the city.

Maybe the pleasure comes from living in Notting Hill and bumping into the odd film star, or in Knightsbridge where you can gently browse through Harrods or Harvey Nichols.

You might even take a break from this tiring browsing of expensive luxury items – maybe taking in a cocktail.

This is also the area you go to find the international embassies, should you be involved in technology and need asylum, for instance.

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Home to one of London’s more successful football clubs, as well as some high-end luxury shops – with Harrods taking a whole block in Knightsbridge.

Then, there are the foreign embassies of Belgravia and the luxury homes of Notting Hill.

This is a borough full of riches – but apparently also an area full of happy people.

Oddly, this area came low in the ranking in The Metro for favourite places in London.

This could be bitterness on the part of the readership, or it could be that the people of Kensington and Chelsea are a breed of their own and feel like outsiders to the rest of London.

The downside to living in luxury is that it does nothing for air quality.

This is the worst borough for CO2 levels – from all those ambassador’s cars maybe.

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You will know Kensington and Chelsea because of its famous districts: Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Belgravia – even the names sound like they have a large bank account.

Notting Hill was obviously quite a famous film set for Hugh Grant to meander around.
Knightsbridge is home to Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Then, there is Belgravia, where you will find all the foreign embassies.

Apparently, this is also the happiest borough in London, or the borough where they feel obliged to say they are happy – or at least mere mortals hope.

The downside to all those big cars and power guzzling homes is the air quality in Kensington and Chelsea is the worst in the capital.

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The congregation of such wealth, as you will find in Kensington and Chelsea, tends to elicit some resentment from others; hence this borough ranks low in the list of favoured London boroughs in The Metro – where they question the taste of the inhabitants of this place with all the cash.

The truth is that they clearly don’t care about these opinions, as the inhabitants of Kensington and Chelsea are said to be rated the happiest in the city – who says money can’t buy happiness? It may be the football team, or the presence of Harvey Nichols or Harrods, or maybe it is the quality homes you can inhabit in Notting Hill.

Whatever your choice, it seems this borough is a desired taste.

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