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Despite being the smallest borough in the city, Islington was named as the best borough to live in – if only you could afford it.

There are more restaurants than people need hot meals, which could be a problem.
There is also the most substantial proportion of single people and the highest number of binge-drinkers.

You get the feeling that this is the place of the hedonist – somewhere to gather to have fun.
This hasn't always been the case for Arsenal Football club – and Jeremy Corbyn the most-famous local politician – isn't a barrel of laughs.

Still, this is a popular place in the city and one where the young and the lively come to gather.

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If you are an Arsenal Fan, then you are a regular visitor to Islington. Jeremy Corbyn is too, who is the most-famous political representative of this area.

Rated as the top borough in London by The Metro readers, this is likely because of the large number of restaurants, pubs and bars in the area.

There are also a lot of single people and a lot who like to drink to excess.
Everything that you think should be London is squeezed into Islington, making this an intense and fun place to live.

It is unlikely you will be able to afford to buy a property in this area, though you can dream.

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One of the smallest areas of London, Islington is still packed with everything you would hope to find in the capital city.
There are a lot of top restaurants crammed in, which is apt as this was area based around the Angel Inn in the 16th century – which is why you might know the district as Angel Islington.

You will also find the highest proportion of single people in this borough, as well as the highest number of binge-drinkers – which isn’t surprising when you put all the details about Islington together.

It is a lively place – a great area to have some fun.

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Islington has become renowned for its famous MP, Jeremy Corbyn – though Arsenal Football Club is well-known too.

However, The Metro see more to this borough, rating it as number one in the list of all boroughs to live.

You could choose to live there, if only you could afford the house-prices and the amount you would play in the local restaurants.

With this love of the good life, Islington is also the place where you will find the most binge-drinkers – as well as the most single people – though it is likely the two are connected.

This is a fun area if you are rich enough to spend more than a few hours in its borders.

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