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Hounslow is in the flight path of Heathrow Airport.
This has its advantages and disadvantages.

The noise is an obvious downside, the economic boost from this transport link significant.

It is also handy to have an international airport on your doorstep when looking to make a dash for the sun or the snow.

This is apparently one of the happiest boroughs in the city, whether it is because of the level of employment or the fact it is a place popular with commuters who travel in and out each day.

It is a more extended area than most, stretching from the western edges of London to the centre.
This makes it a difficult area to categorise but seemingly a great place to live.

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Precisely the same amount of people who travel into work in Hounslow commute out to the rest of London.

This is a result of the unique make-up of Hounslow, that stretches from the boundaries of western London to its centre.

It is known for its commercial outlets, but it also has some lovely residential areas.

The people who live here certainly like it, as it is rated the happiest place to live in the city.

The economy of the borough is helped by its proximity to Heathrow.
However, this means that the majority of people who live in the area are under the flight path from the airport.

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Hounslow is an area that stretches long and thin from the western edges of the capital to its central area.
This means it is both an area that receives commuters but also offers industries for commuters to travel to.

It is a residential area but also a bustling centre.
Therefore, it is difficult to define the status of this borough.

Whatever you say you cannot deny that this is a lovely place to live.
It has been classed as one of the happiest places to live in the city.

There are two counters to this. First, the borough is in the flight path of Heathrow.

Second, it is the area where most asbestos is fly-tipped in the city.

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With a high level of employment and lots of green space, Hounslow is a much-loved borough.
This makes Hounslow one of the happiest boroughs in London.
The economy is helped by its close association with Heathrow Airport.

However, this means much of the area is in the flight path of the airport. Apparently, you can get used to the noise eventually.
You can get used to most things when you have so much convenience for your holiday journey.

You also have choice.
The borough stretches long and thin from the suburbs to the centre.

This means that you commute in or commute out, as a lot of Londoners do.

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