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Hillingdon is considered the worst place to live for obesity rates, and it has some of the lowest academic success in the country.

However, it is still an appealing place to live as unemployment rates are low and poverty levels are also relatively small.

This is the borough that enjoys the highest car ownership.
Jobs will be prevalent partly due to the presence of Heathrow Airport to the west of this area.

This means that Hillingdon is an obvious choice for industry and logistics companies who rely on the airport.

Despite the demand for cars, there are excellent transport links in the borough.
The area has been nicknamed as Metro-land thanks to the emphasis on transportation.

Despite the high levels of carbon dioxide due to these transportation factors, there are plenty of green spaces and a high level of recycling.

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Being relatively close to the centre of London but too far away to enjoy some of the unique areas of inner urban areas, Hillingdon is something of an in-between place.

There are residential areas.
However, the area is dominated by transportation links and industry that seeks to take advantage of the proximity of Heathrow Airport.

This has led to the area being called Metro-land.
Despite the numerous ways of getting around, the area has the highest level of car ownership in London. <br/>
This makes the air quality relatively poor, though there are some lovely leafy areas in the district.

The levels of poverty are relatively low and employment rates high.
Therefore, even though the schools in the area are not the best, the population lead a comfortable life.

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Academic success in Hillingdon is relatively low in comparison to the rest of the city, but so is the unemployment rate.
This gives some indication of the employment profile in the borough.

This employment is likely dictated by the close proximity of Heathrow Airport and the logistic companies.

The area has such a focus on transport links that is known as Metro-land.
This means there are a lot of cars on the road and the air quality is not the best.

However, there are many open green spaces and the local people are dedicated to recycling – which some of the best rates in the city.
Potentially linked to the amount of car use is the highest obesity rates in the city.

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Hillingdon is compared to Croydon, which just happens to be in the north west of the city.

This means the place is too close to the centre to be properly residential and too far away to be thoroughly urban.

The proximity to Heathrow also makes this a centre for logistics, and the borough is given the nickname Metro-land.

The place is known for the highest car ownership and the lowest levels of unemployment.

However, it is also known as the place with the highest obesity figures.
Academic results in the area are also considered some of the worst within London.

There is much to be proud of in Hillingdon though, as there are some leafy areas and the locals are doing something for the environment, as they have some of the highest rates of recycling.

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