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Havering is dominated by the Metropolitan Green Belt.
This is acre upon acre of land set aside as protected greenery, preventing over-crowding and increased pollution.

This means Havering is chock full of places to go for beautiful walks and to play golf.

There is a lot of pensioners in the borough, the most in London.
However, the area is also known as a family friendly environment.
If you want somewhere more built-up, you can choose Romford or Hornchurch.

However, you could easily buy a home in this area of London that could make you forget that you were living in the capital city.

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When you visit Havering, you will be forgiven for forgetting that you are in a major global metropolis.

With most of the land in the area protected as part of the Metropolitan Green Belt, there is some beautiful scenery within which to walk.

There is Romford and Hornchurch if you want built-up residential living.
However, much of Havering will feel rural, and as such there are a lot of pensioners settled in the borough.

There are also a lot of families, which makes the desirability of property, and therefore house prices, high.

There is limited ethnic diversity, and Havering is not the place to visit if you want to find the authentic London experience.
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With the most old people and the least ethnic diversity, this is a place that could easily represent Little England.

It is a beautiful area to live and is so popular with families.
There is the Metropolitan Green Belt that covers a vast swathe of the borough.

This is protected land that cannot be built on or used for brown site activity.

Therefore, you will find vast areas where you can walk and enjoy the countryside with your little people and your family dog.

If you want a bustling town within this borough, then choose Romford. If not, you can undoubtedly find a home that will help you forget you live in London.

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On the eastern edge of London, Havering feels largely rural – with large open spaces and great places to walk.

There are major centres, such as Romford and Hornchurch.

However, this is a place with the Metropolitan Green Belt, which protects the space from potential pollutions and over-crowding.
With low crime and low unemployment, this is a desirable area of London to live.

It is also a place with the highest number of pensioners and the lowest level of ethnic diversity.
There are vast open green spaces with some beautiful parks for the family.

You would be forgiven for forgetting you were in a major global capital city

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