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Harrow is a leafy suburb in the north-west of the capital.
It is best known for one of the eight public schools in the UK, where Benedict Cumberbatch received his early education.

Another significant feature of the borough is the campus of the University of Westminster.
This makes Harrow densely populated with teenagers.
There are also heavily populated primary schools, which are in constant demand and over-crowded.

This is likely because Harrow is considered one of the safest places to live in the city, making it a family friendly borough.

As such, when you walk into Harrow town centre, you will be happily surprised by the number of fast food restaurants.

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Harrow leads the way in recycling in London.
It is also one of the safest places to live.

The primary schools are claimed to be the most over-crowded, likely because this is an area that is attractive to families.

Although not the wealthiest borough in the capital, the social-economic indicators suggest this is a place people would want to live.

Teen pregnancies are the lowest in the capital, for instance, and the GCSE results are the highest.

However, these results will be heavily influenced by the presence of the renowned public school, Harrow School for Boys, which was the establishment that educated Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Harrow has the least teen pregnancy rates but the highest overcrowding in primary schools.

It is a place considered to be one of the safest places to live in London.

All these factors give an accurate impression of Harrow as a leafy suburb that is attractive to families.

It is also the home of a world-class public school.

It is this that likely plays a significant role in positioning Harrow at the top of the rankings in GCSE results in London.

The dominance of teenagers is also precipitated by the presence of the campus of the University of Westminster.

To accommodate the student lifestyle, you can get into relatively cheap to pubs and clubs in Harrow town centre.

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Thanks to the heavy population of students in the area, the town centre has a vast number of fast food outlets and it is cheap to get into Yates' on a Saturday night – you're unlikely to get that in few places.

Students come from the famous public school, Harrow School for Boys, the school that once educated Benedict Cumberbatch.

Other students come from the campus of the University of Westminster.
Even the primary schools are over-subscribed and crowded.

As a suburb of London there are many open spaces, and this is one of the safest boroughs in the capital city.
Therefore, it is always going to be a popular place for families.

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