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April 23, 2019
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May 4, 2019
Despite the riches in the borough within places like Highgate and Crouch End, there is a lot more deprivation in the eastern most areas of the borough.

There have been few Conservative MPs in Haringey.
There is an obvious desire to fight the apparent inequality on show.
This may be a reason for some of the riots of the past.

However, there might also be some frustration in the area as it is one of the worst places in the capital for broadband speeds.
This could be a deal breaker for most! You will be able to take in some great entertainment centres – such as the football in Tottenham, the music in Finsbury Park and the beauty on show at Alexandra Palace.

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So, Haringey has its areas of wealth, but it also has some real problems with deprivation – and is known to have the odd riot.

However, if you are looking for an area with potential – then this is the place.
Tottenham has a lot of charm, Finsbury Park is an exciting place to visit with some significant music events, and Alexandra Palace is the best view of the city anywhere, full stop.

Therefore, although there is some glaring inequality – with areas like Muswell Hill and Crouch End living in riches and those at the eastern edges overcome with poverty – there is a sense that Haringey could become something special.

It came in at number 8 in The Metro poll of London boroughs, so a district that inspires loyalty from its inhabitants.
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Haringey has hit the news in the past due to some riots.
It is a place of immense deprivation, with some of the poorest places in London towards the east of the borough.

However, this poverty is made more distinct by proximity to some areas of affluence, such as Highgate and Crouch End.

The sense of unfairness has led to the dominance of Labour Party politicians over the years.

However, this does little to define this borough, with a lively music scene in Finsbury Park and a great night-life and culture in Tottenham.

Therefore, the broadband might be slow, but the quality of life in Haringey may be on the up.

The Metro rated it as the 8th most popular area of London, so it is worth a look.

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If you want music, then you can head for Finsbury Park. If you want earthy and authentic London (and a decent football team) head for Tottenham. If you want the best view of London, there is Alexandra Palace.

Then, if you want to revel in your riches locate yourself in Highgate, Crouch End or Muswell Hill. It is no wonder than Haringey came in as 8th in the poll of London Boroughs held by The Metro newspaper.

However, head a little east, and you will see some of the most significant deprivation in the whole of London.
This is a borough of inequality at its most breath-taking, hence it has been the site of some riots.
There is also slow broadband – just to top off the hardship.

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