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Enfield sells itself as one of the most family-friendly areas, even though it is also known as the place where people are more likely to swear on Twitter.

There are large open green spaces, including Bush Hill Park, and some extensive retail and leisure outlets.
This means Enfield offers films, park picnics and cheap shopping.

Recent redevelopment on the A10 has turned industrial outlets into economic centres, including a large multiplex cinema complex. It might not be Southwark, with its tourist-rich attractions, but it has everything a young family need.

You will find the most desirable residential areas are to the west of the borough.

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Enfield is in the North East of London and has recently enjoyed much redevelopment.
Old industrial sites have been repurposed and developed as large retail outlets.

Much of the life of Enfield is centred around the A10 that runs through the borough.

With the shopping opportunities, the large Cineworld multiplex cinema and the many open green spaces, Enfield is considered one of London's most family-friendly areas to live.

You can go see a film, play in Bushy Hill Park, or going shopping in cheap outlet stores.
Yet, there is a housing shortage in the borough, even though there are a high number of evictions.

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When the local authority advertises the local multiplex cinema complexes as a highpoint, you know you are not in an entertainment hotspot.

There is also a shortage of housing and the most evictions, which means when you get your house in Enfield, you should take care.

Why? Well, it is known as a family friendly area, with lots of green spaces, such as Bush Hill Park.

If you head to the west of the borough, in particular, you will find welcoming residential areas with lots of open spaces that are perfect for young families.

Having just been redeveloped, you will also find large retail outlets in old industrial sites.

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Enfield has undergone much redevelopment, and there are large industrial and retail complexes in the borough.
Particularly popular are large leisure outlets on old industrial complexes, which tend to congregate on the main A10 road.
The main residential area is in the west of Enfield, which are scattered with green spaces.

This is likely the place you will head if you are looking for the famed family-friendly areas that Enfield boasts.
This is also the area with the most evictions and the least availability of homes.

This suggests that if you find a house in the borough, then you should hang on to it.

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