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Ealing is a place of quality and pubs and restaurants. Making for a quality night life economy.

There are some places to enjoy quality family time. There is the longest running Nando’s in the country, for instance.

You will also find a decent coffee shop culture in the borough. Oddly, this is also the area with the most people living in sheds.

Migrants entering the area might not register on population stats as they choose to rent a shed to live in, as they cannot afford more substantial housing.

Ealing is part of the suburban belt of London, so green-spaces and some quality residential areas.

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Ealing is developing its own night-time economy, with some excellent pubs, restaurant and bars.

There is also a lively coffee shop culture by day. However, it is also thought of as a family-friendly area, with green spaces, as well as the longest running Nando’s.

There may be a lack of diversity in the area, with Ealing being a traditional English suburban area, as it is known as the Queen of the Suburbs.

Locals are environmentally conscious too, with some of the highest proportions of household recycling in London.

There are problems in the borough, it has been known for riots in the past, and there are a large number of migrants in temporary accommodation.

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If you like Nando's then you will love Ealing.
The longest running Nando's trades in the area, along with a decent number of coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.

This is a family-friendly area, known as the Queen of the Suburbs.
Despite this leafiness and open green spaces, there are downsides to the area.

It is rated the place where the highest proportion of migrants live in sheds, with exploitative landlords taking advantage of expensive housing, there is a problem of newcomers living in such temporary accommodation.

Therefore, although there are descriptions of Ealing as lacking cultural diversity, this might not necessarily be true.

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If you do much reading about Ealing, you will hear two things: there have been a few riots on its streets and there a lack of cultural diversity.
To be fair, there hasn't been a riot for a while, and migrants do exist in the area.

Migrants are more than likely going to be found in sheds, which are being offered by exploitative landlords to those struggling to afford more permanent housing.

Despite these oddities, Ealing is labelled the Queen of the Suburbs, with a decent quality of life for the family.
You will find the longest running Nando, as well as a lot of quality coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.

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