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Type Croydon into Google and one of the most popular searches is: “is Croydon safe?”

There are trams, and there are face-lifts and there are bike thefts. A strange netherworld between the centre of the city and the leafy suburbs.

There is a lot of noise about the fairness of this image, and some see this as a borough with lots of potential.

There are 15000 active business and the third highest number of new homes in Croydon.

Croydon is also the home to the largest train station and the headquarters of Nestle.

Therefore, there is much hope that this place could become a centre of investment.

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Croydon does not enjoy the best reputation, with people worried about crime levels and opportunities.
There may be a large train station and the headquarters of Nestle, but there are also bike thefts and facelifts.

However, this reputation may not be earned. In recent years, Croydon is ranked third for the rate of new home building.

There is also 15000 business that continues to trade in the borough.
This suggests that although this area will never compete as the most appealing to live, as it is in the middle, with little greenery to be seen, it is a borough on the up.

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If you type Croydon into Google one of the most popular search terms suggested is "is Croydon safe?"

It has a reputation for crime and for a specific group of people who all want to look the same thanks to a facelift or four.

In short, Croydon falls in the middle region where it is too close to central London to be properly residential but not far enough out to warrant some leafy wonderfulness.

In fact, the council has the worst record for cutting down trees than any other in London.
However, the borough is ranked high in the number of homes built and has 15000 active business.

This could suggest it is a borough on the rise.

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You may think crime and facelifts when you hear the name Croydon.
You may feel that it is a place you drive through, neither being a place to live or an excellent place for business or tourism.
It is in a strange nether region of London, but it is a place with much potential.

Croydon is ranked third in the number of new homes built in recent years, and it has over 15 thousand active business.
You could think of Croydon as a place to avoid, or you could have the vision to see it as a massive opportunity.

There is a huge train station, which dominates the borough, as well as the headquarters for Nestle.
It is a place where you have the highest chance of an office romance, but the council are the worst at protecting the trees.

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