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There are only 7000 residents in this borough but arguably some of the most affluent and the most influential.

This also does not take into account the significant wealth passing through each day. It is the national and international hub of insurance, investment and commodities.

The district has its own police force and a separate government to London.

Therefore, the City of London is sometimes not included in the list of boroughs for the capital.

This is the official + 1 on the list.
As it is a part of the UK and within the boundaries of the capital, you would find it argue to suggest you are not in the major global city of London.

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Although the conventional wisdom is that there are 32 boroughs in London, they do not count the City of London within this.

This area has its own police force and its own government.
This leads to some confusion, as it is compared to Rome that has a city within a city that also happens to be a country.

The City is not a country in its own right and is a critical area within the UK.

It is the financial district of London, and so the base of the stock exchange and the Bank of London.

It is also the base for many major international financial companies.

Only 7000 people live in the district, but tens of thousands descend on the area each day.

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With only 7000 residents, it would be easy to underestimate the significance of The City to London and the UK.

Even though only a few thousand live in this area, tens of thousands commute in each day for work.

It is the financial district.
This is the home to the London Stock Exchange and the Bank of England.

It is a city within a city, with its own police force and government. However, it is still part of the UK and considered the 33rd borough of the capital city.

Security is tight in The City, for obvious reasons. You will pass through checkpoints and see armed police.
This is a mark of the accumulation of a lot of wealth in a small area.

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Home of the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England, the City of London is the financial district of the capital.
It is still a part of the city, with a small C.
There is no need for a passport to enter its boundaries, though you may need to pass through a security checkpoint with armed guards.

There are only 7000 residents in the City of London, but this is the densest accumulation of individual wealth in the country.

There are also tens of thousands of commuters that pass through the district each day, servicing the major international companies that call this area its base.

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