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Bromley, in the south-east of London, was the home to Billy Idol, David Bowie and Pixie Lott.

HG Wells also did some writing in the borough during his life. The area is famous for other reasons.

Monty Python gave the people of Bromley the reputation for loving spam, for instance.
However, if we tell you the most reviewed cafes in Bromley is in Waitrose, you get an idea that there is an upper-class population here.

Behind Richmond, it is the second most affluent borough in the city. Most of Bromley is open green space, with some beautiful leafy areas.

However, it is an area also known for the carbon emissions of its residents.

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With lots of open green spaces and big houses, Bromley is the second most affluent borough in the city.

In the past, famous residents have included Billy Idol, Pixie Lott, David Bowie and HG Wells.
You could suggest there is something creative in the water.

Unfortunately, there is not the cleanest of air, as the CO2 emissions are the highest in the city in this big car paradise.

There is a high level of inequality in the area, as you can imagine, with a fair number of homeless alongside the affluent.
This maybe accounts for the somewhat mixed image people have of Bromley.

Monty Python once declared that the people of Bromley loved Spam, which is not the class of caviar they may have come to expect.

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The Waitrose café in Bromley enjoys the most reviews on TripAdvisor, which suggests the population are more upper class nowadays that the spam-loving, sex pistol lovers of the past.

Monty Python writers would have to scratch their heads.
Despite having the highest number of green spaces in London, it also has the highest CO2 emissions per person.

The population are renowned for their recycling power, so maybe it all balances up for the environment.

There are some famous residents from the past, with Billie Idol and David Bowie making Bromley home.

HG Wells also did some of his writing in the borough’s borders.
Clearly a creative place to live.

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Bromley has an image problem.
It is popular in the national consciousness for being the area filled with Spam-lovers, thanks to Monty Python.

The Sex Pistols’ road crew also were proud residents of Bromley.
However, this area has the most green spaces and is second only to Richmond for affluence.

It is an area that enjoys its fair share of famous and notable- including HG Wells for a time.

It might be due to all the massive cars in Bromley, but the area also has the less than distinguished ranking of the highest emissions of carbon dioxide per person in the capital city.

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