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You will recognise Brent most for the iconic arches of Wembley stadium on the skyline.
However, Brent is better known for its level of cultural diversity, the most in London.

There are many different parts of the world represented, including the highest Irish population to live on the mainland of the UK.

However, there are distinct areas, with different groups collected together.
Therefore, you are unlikely to feel the mix of cultures you could be expecting.

This is an area that faces its challenges, with a high level of poverty, with the most significant number of people in temporary accommodation and a poor level of education.

There are several opportunities in the area. Both for Charities and Education.

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Brent is best known for the national football stadium, Wembley.
The arches can be seen from a fair distance and the borough is swamped with fans on match days.

However, there is significant evidence of poverty in the Brent, and it has the title of the area with the most failing schools.

Poverty is also demonstrated through the high number of the population in temporary accommodation. It is also a place known most for its diversity.

There are a mix of cultures, but they do not live side by side as you would imagine.

There are many discrete groups – with the largest community of Irish people gathered together, as well as a significant proportion from South Asia.

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With a high ranking for poverty, a high number of people in temporary accommodation, and a lot of failing schools, Brent might not be the place you first choose in London.

However, it is the home of Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium, so enjoys a lot of tourist footfall – offering some opportunities for outside businesses.

There is also a high level of diversity in the borough.
Over 30% of the district identify as from South Asia.

There is also the largest population of Irish people on the mainland.
However, although there is diversity, this is not an area where you should expect multi-cultural living.

Different communities tend to congregate together in discrete regions within the borough.
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Brent is an area of cultural diversity.

There are more than 20% of the population of Brent who self-identify as from South Asia.

Also, there is the largest population of Irish people on the UK mainland.
However, these different cultures live in discrete groups.

Therefore, to thoroughly understand the borough you would need to look at the individual districts and areas, whether it is Willesden, Harlesden or Neasden, for instance.

Brent may be the home of the Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, but it is also a place of significant poverty, with the highest number of people in temporary accommodation and the highest number of failing schools in the capital.

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