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Bexley is in the south-east of London and is part of the rural-urban belt that forms the suburbs of the capital.

There is a lot of residential housing but also a lot of open green spaces.
You will find it easier to find walks over hills and across heathland – notably Bexleyheath.

With the river central to the economic activity of the borough, a lot of life can be located on the banks of The Thames.

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This is not really a borough that is well connected to the centre of London, with the least number of tube stations.

However, you can find most of what you need at the Broadway Shopping Centre, with little need to make the journey north.

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This is one of the more affluent areas of London, low in the rank of poverty.

However, the area has the fewest tube stations – making it the least convenient for those looking to commute into the city.

It does have the highest rate of commercial river activity.
So, you may not be able to catch a train, but you can always hop on a boat.

You would probably choose Bexley because you are looking for green spaces for your family.

The views of the local countryside are beautiful.
It is a highly desirable district and although there is increased development, there is a lot of competition.

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If you are a lover of the river, then Bexley in the South East of London could be the borough for you.

There is the most commercial river activity in the capital.
It is a borough made up of small villages that have been linked together with new home builds.

This makes it a place where you can get an affordable home but also means there is more demand for housing than supply.

Therefore, there are a lot of Bexley residents looking to buy a home.
Despite the residential building in the area, this is still a place of green spaces and countryside views.
It is also an area that looks to protect the environment, as the residents have the highest household recycling rates in the city.

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You might struggle to find a tube station, but you are going to love watching the activity on The Thames here in Bexley.

This is an area divided between the original villages and the new build homes that have merged these villages with the city.

Despite a large amount of residential development, including a significant proportion of affordable housing, there are still open spaces and decent views of the local countryside.

You will enjoy river-side walks, heathland, hills and lanes.

The borough enjoys one of the lowest poverty rates but it is also one of the worst areas for results at GCSE in the city.

This might be because students bus out to other boroughs for their education.

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