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March 21, 2019
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April 16, 2019
Barnet is the only inner-city borough that votes in Conservative candidates on a regular basis.
This is a borough that seems to demonstrate value in traditions, with resistance to change.

The reason for such a different political profile to the rest of central London could be Barnet’s place as one of London’s busiest business hubs.

It is ranked third in the capital for active businesses, which is impressive considering London is a global centre for services, trade, and more.

It is not surprising then this is also a place with a lot of pay and income inequality, in comparison to other boroughs.

With a large number of businesses come the difference between owners and workers.

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Barnet is twinned with the most foreign towns in the city, which suggests it might have a global outlook or just an active council.
With the highest number of potholes too, it looks like it might be more about placing Barnet in the wider world.

However, Barnet is also the busiest business hub in the city, with a lot of active businesses.
Despite commerce, this is also a residential area – but one that is served by a decent number of pubs and bars.

Being on the Northern Line allows for easy travel into the centre of London, which makes this a place also popular with commuters. Interestingly, it is also the place in London you should visit if you fancy a bagel.

There is an extraordinary number of bagel shops, likely set up to serve the professionals going to work in The City.

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Barnet is a business hub. It is the third most active for businesses in the capital city. This is no small achievement, considering London is a global city.

Therefore, Barnet is an excellent place for those with high ambitions to set up base.

The global outlook of the borough might best be represented by its town twinning policy.

It is twinned with the most foreign towns.
However, the council hasn't paid as much attention to the roads, as they are considered to have the most potholes.

With pleasant residential areas, with access to quality pubs and bars, you experience the best of both worlds living in Barnet.

You will also find the best selection of bagels, which tells you a lot about the population make-up of this part of London.

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If you like bagels, then Barnet is your borough of choice.
Also, if you would like a residential area without losing some of the life of the city, then Barnet is a fantastic choice.

It also the third most active business hub in London, which is a global player in business.
This makes Barnet a great place to live if you have ambitions to build your own business.

It is also a place with significant inequality in pay and income, which could be a result of those who own businesses and those that work in those businesses.

It is also likely that the reliable Northern Line tempts City types to make a home in this borough, as it is a reasonable commute into Central London.

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