New York – New Jersey – Pennsylvania – Maryland – Virginia

Driving US 1 by means of New York Metropolis gained it take much of your fuel, nevertheless it might take a substantial amount of time in
the City s stop and go traffic.


You will solely be in New York for about twenty miles; as quickly as you cross the Hudson River on the George
Washington Bridge, you’re in New Jersey.

You should have spectacular views of New York City from the George Washington Bridge in addition to from Fort
Lee, New Jersey.


US 1 joins US 9 in Ft. Lee by means of Newark and Elizabeth, before separating in Iselin, where US 1
goes straight south, and inland, to New Brunswick and all the way down to Trenton. After crossing the Pennsylvania
River, you might be in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.


US 1 continues south by means of many miles of Pennsylvania to Maryland, bypassing Delaware by only a
few miles. US Route 1 goes proper by means of Baltimore and leads proper into Washington D.C., very close to the
Capital Building.


For those who don’t like interstate driving, this is able to be a good different to get into the City. As you cross
the Potomac River in Washington, you will come into Arlington, Virginia.


Staying parallel to I-95, US Route 1 will take you via Fredericksburg and Richmond, before splitting
off to parallel I-eighty five in Petersburg to the border of North Carolina.


If you’d prefer to take a spectacular aspect trip, take I-sixty four from Richmond out to Norfolk and Newport News.
Virginia Seaside provides spectacular beaches and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge could be thrilling for its size
and that there is a tunnel as well as a bridge.

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