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October 21, 2019
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A healthcare facility is a significant investment. You need expensive equipment, well-trained personnel, and a specialized facility. But even an amazing medical center, located in the most accessible of places, cannot bring you a lot of new clients/patients. But the right website and significant online presence certainly can.

Healthcare is an extensive business. An average family comprising of four members spend about a quarter of their earnings on healthcare. And that number is just climbing up. So how many of these patients end up in your healthcare facility? If it’s significantly lesser than your competitors, then you should consider working on your online presence.

The Search for Medical Facilities and Professionals

Before the internet, people seeking medical professionals had few options. They either sought the nearest facility, most famous medical center, or they asked the people they trust. Now, people ask the internet. Around 8 out of 10 people own a smartphone in the country. Unless it’s an emergency, people search online for their medical queries. When they require a medical consultant or treatment, they turn to the internet for answers.

Your website should be one of the top three searches for a medical query or a professional. If it isn’t, chances are that your facility is being overlooked in favor of your competitors. The nearer to the top you are when patients search for a specialist or a procedure, the more likely it is that they will walk in through your doors. This is where SEO comes in.

SEO for Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Search Engine Optimization can help your website come at the top. But it’s not as simple as that. Websites that deal with money and healthcare are subjected to special scrutiny by search engine algorithms, so healthcare SEO needs to be especially relevant, accurate, and safe. Contact our SEO Agency London now.

When done right, SEO can work wonders for driving up your medical facility’s foot traffic. For starters, it will legitimately come up high when people search online for their medical queries. A high ranking means a higher number of visitors. Whether people are looking to visit a healthcare facility, or they are simply trying to find an answer, the more they are the better.

People should associate your website with credible information about medical issues. Then they are more likely to visit your facility whenever they seek treatment. Positive reviews about your facilities can also drive up your search ranking and create a positive image.

Techniques for Improving your Healthcare SEO

These are some of the SEO techniques you can employ to improve the SEO for your medical facility website:

  • Smart keyword selection.
  • Original, well researched, and informative content.
  • Compliance with Google’s search quality guidelines.
  • Making sure your website is mobile-friendly because mobile searches have far outstripped searches made on PCs.
  • Using plenty of media to make your website more understandable for people, like pictures and videos..


Healthcare SEO is important. And not just for increasing the number of patients that come to your facility. It is important to help patients find the right medical professionals and relevant health care services. Find our more about our SEO company Oxford and Fresh, Top Rated Digital Marketing Australia.

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