I mean like if I wanted to get a lot of views on this video I could just take one my cat in here on one arm and my other cat in here and just you know do something stupid with my cats you know make them purr or something people love cats and that is the value the entertainment that’s the value also so it doesn’t always have to be you know very serious and you know having our you know business costume and all that value can be anything so if you think about content content is the currency of the internet and Google rewards companies that have a lot of content and it well I wouldn’t say punishes but it doesn’t give the benefit of the high ranking to people who have very little content so typical business website front page services company contact that’s it that’s about it and maybe if you’re lucky a blog that has been updated in 2010 that’s if you are lucky.

So basically there’s very little content and in terms of the search engine what a search engine think well what is this there’s like three pages come on try something you have a cat put it on you know do something but you can do a lot of things if you think about content for example let’s imagine something very very far from technology let’s take a company that cleans you know company that provides cleaning services in all the region they can do a lot in terms of the content in order to rank better in Google for example they could describe the way they work they could have a blog they could have a video of how the process works.

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