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Trust Flow, Citation Flow & Topical Flow

From the beginning to now, the SEO job has deeply evolved. That’s because the strategies for ranking websites such as the link building strategy are in continuous evolutions. Far better and more efficient techniques have been discovered and adopted.

The SEO job has changed in response of stricter inspections/penalizations by Google, too. With all the Penguins and Panda versions & updates Google has declared war to all SEO tactics for artificially modify the “natural” website ranking.

And so, a new SEO era has begun. An era that is characterized more for its quality than quantity. It’s exactly in this context that concepts such as Trust Flow and Topical Flow came about.
Trust Flow

It's Not All About That

How to Increase the Trust Flow

Trust Flow and Topical Flow concepts has been introduced by Majestics SEO, powerful SEO checker and one of the top international companies in the link reporting sector.
Trust Flow and Topical Flow are 2 indicators of the website authority. Or better still, Trust Flow and Topical Flow are the 2 new mantras of websites ranking.


The Trust Flow is a metric for measuring how trustworthy a website can be. Its value can be range from 0 to 100 and it’s determined by the amount of trusted, quality domains that link to a particular website. Nevertheless, in reality it’s not so simple. In effect the trust flow considers the number of clicks from trustworthy websites too.

Instead the Topical Trust Flow is a way to categorized your backlinks.

Your website regarding a specific topic. The backlinks that point to your website come from websites that affect specific topics too.

Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow are indicators of the quality of links. They are so important because they are valid measures to predict the organic traffic a website will have. As already stated, quality is what matters. Quality not quantity. Great numbers of links are useless if there is no quality.

The Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow are 2 essential metrics for organic ranking. It’s not only a matter of sound judgment. It has been scientifically tested. Gillies Van Den Broeke performed an experiment to measure the correlation between Citation Flow (the number of links that point to a website), Trust Flow and Organic Ranking. The results showed that while there is a weak positive correlation between Citation Flow and organic ranking, there existed a strong positive connection between Trust Flow and logarithmic Organic Ranking.

What about the value of Trust Flow?

The values can range from 0 to 100. According to the test an increase in the organic ranking is the result of links that come from a website with a minimum Trust Flow of 30.

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