You know many of you wake up and the first thing you do you see for that whatsapp message or something you know you’re like did he write to me so anyway so we have a lot of things that are changing all the time there are smartphones videos there are ecommerce so much things going on and search engine is also evolving you know when the web is evolving so there is always something new so now you know if you want it to do search engine optimization you would probably start doing video marketing and doing videos and optimizing those but you probably seen you know you search for something online you know in Google and you see a video you know like how to how to speak to ladies boom how to guide 10 minutes so anyway you search for something and you see the video result.

So so let’s go to the key factors of search engine optimization some of the things that we can all of us do and something that you can guys hopefully remember still a week after so one thing is I guess the biggest most important thing is just content how many of you have a blog ok ok good you guys are ahead of the game and the reason for that is nowadays when you do marketing online it’s all about content anyway so you know if you guys are young you know you use online a lot what you care about is content because content gives you value you know it doesn’t have to be you know value doesn’t have to be money kind of value or it can be funny you know.

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