You try the trick short term the search engine well the best guys you know in tricking are the guys who are selling viagra those guys are good you know if they put all that effort into something else they would be you know much more maybe rich but anyways for example there are things that people in black hat community do is they hack websites but before the the hacking of the website was really was really simplistic you know people wanted to cause damage you know and and my clients website was hacked in 2000 I think was it a to 2009 and it was but by some Islamist group and it was like death to America you know just on the front page and that’s it you know those are good ones I wish those were back the reason for that is that you go on a website you see a huge picture.

You’re like oh I’ve been hacked okay you go and you restore backup you know no problem but now they’re getting really sneaky what they do is they hack your website but you don’t notice anything sometimes they try to even improve your website so it loads better and works better and you like whoa-ho yes everything is great but when search engine goes to that website they detect the search engine and they feed the search engine absolutely different information than what you see when you go to visit the site so they put links to their own website and so forth really sneaky guys and my Empire at the high school crumbled because my website was hacked by Russian hackers and deleted.

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