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Just like any other healthcare institution, dentistry is the business of trust. Patients, who come once and are satisfied with your care, tend to come again. They also recommend you to their friends and family. That’s good word-of-mouth advertisement. Once, that used to be enough for good business, but not anymore.

Like all other businesses, dentistry has also become heavily depended upon the internet. Patients look to the internet to guide them to the right dentist, and if your practice doesn’t come up as one of the top searches, they won’t come to you. In order to rank near the top of the searches made for dentists in your area, your website needs to be strengthened with SEO.

Here are some of the Dental SEO tips to improve your dental website’s ranking on Google searches. Contact Fresh now.

Google My Business

Dentistry is mostly a local business. It is also something that people tend to prefer at a comfortable distance. If you have filled out all the details correctly, it might help drive a lot of traffic towards you. Like when people search for phrases like “dentists near me” or “dentist in xyz”. For this traffic, you won’t need to be at the top of the search result.

On the contrary, a My Business profile, with its ratings, feedback, and comments, might be able to help your website rank higher.

Avoid Secret Sauce

If someone is claiming to help you rank your website higher with some secret dental SEO techniques, stay away. Dentistry is not an overly saturated market yet. And driving organic traffic towards your website will not need any covert and specialized methods, just tried and tested SEO techniques that will help your website rank higher and let patients find you more easily.

The Power of Keywords

Inorganically stuffing your content with the high frequency keyword has become a thing of the past. But that doesn’t negate the power of keywords. There are a lot of dentistry specific phrases and procedures that can help you pick your keywords. You should naturally introduce them into your content.

Using the right keywords in your content or building your content around those keywords is important. It has a strong chance of getting your website rank higher in the searches.

Credible Blog posts

Since dentistry is a medical practice, it comes under Google’s YMYL (Your Money Your Life) guidelines. Therefore, whatever posts, guidelines, and solutions are posted on your website, make sure they are correct and credible. Find our about our SEO agency London.

A helpful blog, answers to most frequent dental questions and dental-related educational videos and media can really enrich your website. It can also help your website rank higher because algorithms would see it as beneficial. And since people will be spending more time on your website, it will also help you rank higher in the searches.


Dental SEO can help your website rank higher on search engines. Whether you are doing it yourself, or have hired an SEO company, the true result of your SEO investment will reflect from the conversions. Conversions refers to how many patients came to you because of your website. Good Dental SEO is known to bring an average of 30 new patients every month.

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