Below you can find some samples of SEO works!

Because we care of our customers privacy we do not show all their data but with the below screenshots you can easily realize the power of digital marketing when it comes to SEO.
team case studies

Each situation is different. Sometimes it takes time to get results. But rest assured, we stay focused and we never give up.
We spent some time on this website working on content optimization and building references taking care of the Google guidelines.

Since the end of December (our beginning) the website traffic exploded and they experienced high conversion rates as well.
It's a good start and we'll keep going.

It is a London business we started working on in September 2018.

The website Geo Target is mainly the US.

They had a good ADV budget for pay per click too and we had immediate results without waiting for the growing in the organic search traffic.

By the way our strategies worked very well and the website organic traffic moved from 0 up to 1 thousand visitors within 7 months.

For this niche website we focused our efforts on a few keywords with a good number of searches.

After 7 months the results are not that bad.

We had some issues with the website performances at the very beginning but we found our way out to a compromise,

It's a long term relationship with them.

Their website was an old one and we restyled it with WP and using our CSS builder.

As you can see the organic traffic increased gradually and now we are truly satisfied of our work.

Amazing business with a lot of niche products.

Their website code was great and they did an update on their own.

We did just SEO since October 2017 and the overall results are incredible.