So you know there is karma in this world you know I got what I deserved but anyway that’s that’s the story but why search engine optimization when we think about online marketing there’s so many things you can do you can do something really stupid on Facebook you can buy advertisement you can you know get listed on article websites you can do whatever why would you focus on search engine optimizer and I think one of the reasons is that it’s really good return on investment and by good I mean really awesome if we think about you cannot maybe see from here.

If you search for you know hotels in Finland people are searching I don’t remember how many times but anyway if you want to buy advertisement from Google for keyword hotel it costs you three euros about four a click one click if you want to buy thousand clicks well you need a lot of cash but with search engine optimization what we can do is we can rank we can try to improve our ranking so when people search for word Hotel in Finland they would receive our website on the top that’s basically search engine ranking now search engine optimization and this is the reason why it’s good return on investment and search engine optimization is long term so if you want to make something happen today search engine optimization is not for you better to invest into ads or something else but here is one client of mine pretty big client and this is their Google Analytics summary from I think 2008 or something so like few years and we can see that Google brought them 4.1 million visitors and their total amount of visitors during this whole time is 11 point 1 million.

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