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DirGeoBiz SEO Agency is different from the other SEO Agencies.
We craft Digital Marketing Strategies dealing with numbers and probabilities.

The Google algorithm that determines who reaches the top of the list is based on merit.

Our team produces quality content, clearly aimed at your services or products, and your consumer, then you will be listed at the top of relevant lists.
We choose to thoroughly understand these guidelines for the benefit of our clients.

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Our Step by Step system works to build a Relationship with you, our Client.

Local Digital Marketing SEO Agency

We identify the nature of your business, whether it is local, national or international

Checking out your Competitors

Working with you to set a budget, a timeline, and most importantly, your goals

We offer possible solutions and a fixed quotation for these solutions

We provide you with an amazing Digital Marketing Strategy


SEO Reviews | Directly From our Customers

Amazing value
5.0 rating
11 months ago

They did simply great. Fair prices and amazing results.

Kyle Wilson
We increased sales
5.0 rating
5 months ago

Thanks to them we increased sales.
Overall Positive ROI. Recommended.

Michael L.
Good job
5.0 rating
9 months ago

The SEO packages are very good. Very professional service.

Jacob Anderson
5.0 rating
9 months ago

I love their way to manage payments and their willing to always improve performances. Highly recommended.

Charles Hughes

The Best SEO Company Made Easy

The Foundations of your Success

Your website needs to pass the quality test of search engines. You need a website that is:

1. clearly indexed

2. barrier free

3. offers value
The SEO Audit

Our team can audit your website to evaluate its performance.

The search engine needs to crawl your site effectively. To crawl effectively, there should be an easy to understand index of pages, as well as a clear indication of content through keywords and relevant, unduplicated content.

All this is the recommended good practice, as published by Google.
Sound SEO supports not only reliable performance on Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs) but also prevents possible penalties and devaluations.

As a result of our analysis, our SEO Agency offers actionable recommendations.
Crawl data will support all our team recommendations.

Contact us today for more details on our website audits.

Our Technical SEO

Structure: Adding structured data mark-up to the code of your webpage can increase your visibility to search engine crawlers. It helps the algorithm to understand the context of your content. In short, it is the language the search engine understands.

Speed: a customer will wait less than three seconds for your page to load before clicking away. The algorithm knows this. To ensure you are not penalised you need to make sure your site can be crawled quickly and so prove to the algorithm that your website will load efficiently.
We can eliminate unnecessary plugins and reduce the size of images and animations. URLs: your URL is vital in helping the search engine find your page. Designing friendly URLs that are easily recognised for relevance is essential.

Ask us how we can help improve your website’s technical SEO.
Our On-Page SEO

Keywords: We provide a list of search terms that reflect your product or service. The keywords are the phrases that your customers type into the search engine to find you. With in-depth research, we provide words that offer you the best chance of getting ranked.

Meta-descriptions and Titles: the backend of a website – or behind the scenes – is as important as the page. A meta-description, written within a set amount of characters and including keywords, is a powerful tool. A meta-title that consists of the highest ranked keyword is also essential.

Alt Text for images: Image searches are another way your website can be found. Providing alt text for your image encourages more clicks.
Our Off-Page SEO

Link-building: Links act as referrals or testimonials for the credibility of your site. The higher the authority of the site that links to yours, the more credible you seem.

A link building service is only as good as the analytics, which should report performance data and indicate improvements.

SEO Agency in West LondonSEO Proprietary tools: we collected data in the past years and our sophisticated tools allow us to detect what Google spiders require in order to provide a better ranking for your website.

Manual process: our SEO Staff execute each strategy respecting the Google Guidelines and without using any software for the creation of references.

Ask our experts to learn how we can optimise your on-page content and improve your off-page SEO.

Your Website is the Answer to a Query

What is an Algorithm Update?

Google ultimately wants to make the searches they provide as relevant to the user as possible.
Therefore, they rank sites based on a set of criteria. Marketers being marketers, found ways of implanting meta keywords tag into the code.

This has led to Google evolving the requirements, or the algorithm that defines the criteria, to make it more difficult to cheat the system.

The Google algorithm may have started by looking only a few criteria, update after update has led to hundreds of different factors checked.

To begin with, the algorithm changed infrequently, which gave marketers some time to learn and adapt.

Now, there can be upward of 600 updates a year. This now means that marketers can only speculate what the most important contributions to a site's ranking are.

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